Learning styles

Do you know how you learn best? Knowing your style of learning is important as it relates to study strategies you can use to achieve better learning results. 

Learning styles

People all learn in various styles. There are a number of models to understand the different ways that people learn best. The most common model is the VARK model with a sensory approach, identifying four primary types of learners. 

V – visual learners: learn better via seeing. 

A – auditory/aural learnerslearn predominately by listening and talking. 

R – read/write learnerslearn via written words. 

K – kinesthetic learners: learn by trying or hands on activities. 

People may have one dominant learning style. Most people have a combination of the visual, auditory, reading/writing or kinesthetic style in the VARK model, which is multi-modal style. 

Discover your learning style 

What is your preferred way of learning? 

To find your learning style, try this free online assessment: 

        – The VARK Questionaire 

Always be adaptive!

You may not have a strong preference for a particular learning style. It’s all about you adapting to different learning situations with strategies that suit you for an effective and efficient learning experience. To make the most of your learning, always be open to trying new things! 

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