Finding information by type

Find and access different types of information to help you in your learning and research at the University.

Dictionaries can help clarify terms you are not familiar with, while encyclopedias can provide background knowledge on a topic or subject. Use the reference list from a dictionary or encyclopedia entry to find other resources. 

Books and e-books provide a more in-depth approach to an area of study than an encyclopedia. Check the table of contents for its appropriateness for your research and the subject index for a detailed discussion of a topic. 

Journal articles provide focused coverage of a topic or issue. They are published regularly, making them a good option if you need something more current than books. Some of them are peer-reviewed/evaluated by experts in the same area. 

The Library holds some theses and dissertations from the University of Auckland PhD, masters, and honours students. It provides access to theses and dissertations from other universities. 

Newspaper and other media articles provide current information making them useful for identifying economic, social, and political issues and gauging public opinion on a topic. 

The Library provides access to a wide variety of patents. 

A variety of technical standards are available in Library databases. 

Statistical resources and analysis can be useful for your study and research. 

You may need to find legal information such as New Zealand legislation and legal cases for your study and research. 

Conference proceedings and individual papers can be a good source of research. You may find other sources of information which have been referred to in these papers.

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