How to reference

You will be referencing many different types of sources for your assignments. You need to be able to identify these sources and reference them appropriately according to the referencing style for your school, faculty or discipline.

Kia mau koe ki nga kupu o ou tupuna

Hold fast to the words of your ancestors 

What source information is needed for referencing?

Important information you will need for your references includes:

  • Authors
  • Titles (of books, articles, journals, or chapters)
  • Dates of publication

If you discover you have forgotten to record something here are some hints:

When should you note down source information?

It is important to note down the necessary components you need to reference a particular source when you are gathering your information sources. At this time, make sure you identify what type of information source you are using (e.g., book, journal article) so that you can reference it accurately.

Quick©ite  can help you to correctly reference using common referencing styles found at the University of Auckland.


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