Looking after your health and wellbeing

University life can sometimes seem overwhelming, isolating and stressful.  

How to take care of yourself

Ways to combat stress and feelings of isolation include:  

  • Get moving first thing in the morning – Start the day by warming up with something non-study related. Go for a walk, do some exercise or listen to a podcast. Your energy will set the tone for your day.
  • Create a study space that inspires you   – Set up a study zone where you can focus and get away from distractions. Separate it from your relaxing space, even if it’s just between your desk and your bed.
  • Prepare your friends and whanau –Let people know when you’re studying and that you may not be contactable during this time. Create clear expectations from the start.
  • Make to-do lists – At the start of each week make a plan to structure your week.
  • Maintain a good work-life balance – Allocate time for activities that you enjoy such as going to the gym and spending time with friends and family.
  • Communicate – If you’re stuck with something, ask for help. Keep in contact with other students and reach out to your lecturers and tutors with any questions.
  • Stay social   Self-isolation doesn’t mean social isolation. Organise daily check-ins with friends & whanau and set  up virtual hang-outs or coffee dates. Whakawhanaungatanga (making connections) is important.
  • Be brave and challenge yourself to talk to someone new every day.
  • Get involved in a support group. – Find others who can support you in your learning journey.
  • Join a university club. 
  • Become a volunteer – Feel good about helping others.
  • Immerse yourself in an art tour around campus – the University of Auckland Art Collection is viewable throughout all campuses.
  • Call it a day –If you end up working for a long time unproductively or feeling like you haven’t done enough, call it a day. Also set a time to finish studying and stick to it. 
  • Stay healthy – Make sure that you sleep and eat well. Drink plenty of water and stock your fridge & freezer with healthy kai (food) to avoid snacking.  
  • Look after yourself –Take care of yourself. Take time to stretch your legs, and limit screen time.  

The University of Auckland has a wide range of opportunities and resources to help you. 

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