Staying motivated

To succeed at university you need to feel motivated. This can be difficult at times. Learn some strategies for maintaining motivation, as well as ways to get help.

What motivates other students?

What motivates you to complete your degree?

Read what other students have to say.

“The feeling of completing a challenge is very satisfying.”

“My love for the topic.”

“Satisfaction of improving yourself (plus money earning in the future).”

“Knowing that I am working towards making myself as resilient as possible, career-wise.”

Strategies for staying motivated

There is no simple solution for staying focused and maintaining motivation. Everyone is different so look for strategies that work for you.

Set goals

  • Be clear about your long-term goals.
  • Why are you doing this course?
  • What do you want from your study?
  • What transferable skills do you want to gain?

Start small

  • Set short-term goals or challenges.
  • Break down big tasks into small achievable goals.
  • Start with something easy.
  • Make sure you reward yourself on achieving your goals, e.g., going to gigs, picnics with friends

Study with peers

  • Study with peers or form a study group. This may work depending on whether studying with others motivates or distracts you.

Balance your time

  • Make sure you schedule time out and activities you enjoy.

Ask for help

  • If you’re unsure, ask your lecturer and tutors – especially if your lack of motivation is due to a lack of confidence to complete the task.
  • Check out University Health and Counselling for other support services.
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