Rauru Whakarare evaluation framework

Rauru Whakarare Evaluation Framework 

 The Rauru Whakarare Evaluation Framework provides a kaupapa Māori-informed approach to evaluation 

The Māori concepts contain an embedded spirituality and metaphor that is often lost in a purely literal English translation. The framework embodies the interconnectedness of the following elements:  

  • Whakapapa – The background 
  • Orokohanga – The origins 
  • Mana – The authority 
  • Māramatanga – The content 
  • Aronga – The lens 


The Framework


This pattern is a visual depiction of how information evaluation is not a linear process. To establish which information can be trusted, multiple strategies must be woven together. 

We recommend looking at the Rauru Whakarare Framework and descriptors  This unpacks each of the terms and offer suggestions for how to answer the questions posed in the framework.   

The framework is available through a creative commons licence: Rauru Whakarare Information Evaluation Framework by Angela Feekery and Carla Jeffrey and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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