Communicating online

Communicating respectfully and constructively is important in the online environment.

How to engage online respectfully 

It is best to follow general rules around online netiquette to ensure you engage in online communication in a respectful and constructive manner.

Why contribute to online discussions? 

Online discussions can help you comprehend and solidify your learning. If your lecturer is using online discussion forums, make sure you check these everyday to keep up with the discussion.

Check out the following resource: 

  • Tips on online discussions – Includes tips on how to communicate in online discussion forums, specifically in Canvas. This site also includes tips on communicating in virtual real-time workshops. 

What apps can you use?  

  • Zoom - Video conferencing, screen share and recording options. 
  • Google hangouts - Video call, phone and message options. 
  • Discord - Chat with others via text, voice, or video. View content, play games and hang out in community groups. 
  • Skype - Available for phone and video chats. 
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