Students with disabilities

If you are a student with a disability, you can access a wide range of resources and support to help you reach your academic goals.

Learning services for students with specific learning disabilities

Inclusive Learning works with neurodivergent students at University. They can help you if you:

  • Have a documented neurodivergence (e.g. ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia).
  • Have a suspected learning difficulty and/or neurodivergence.
  • Want to meet other neurodivergent students at University.

Learning advisors can provide:

  • Help with academic skills development tailored to neurodivergent student needs, e.g. workload management and organisation, academic reading and writing, and exam preparation.
  • Support for neurodivergent wellbeing by supporting your academic milestones and goals and helping you manage neurodivergent challenges at University.
  • Guidence to self-disclose your neurodivergence to help you seek assistance from academic staff.
  • Recommendations for assistive technology such as read-aloud (text-to-speech) and voice recognition (speech-to-text) software.

To access support from Inclusive Learning, you can complete a referral here.

Library services for students with disabilities

The Client Services team can assist students with disabilities to easily access library resources and services.

Client Services can provide assistance with:

To make the most of the library services available to you, we recommend that you:

  • Contact the library prior to your library visit to discuss any assistance you may require.
  • Consider setting up someone as a proxy patron  to borrow or renew items on your behalf at any of our library lending desks.
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