Rainbow students

University can be a challenging time, especially for Rainbow students. Find out where to go for support, advocacy, safe spaces and social connection. 

Representation, spaces and clubs


Queerspace is a common room and safe space for Rainbow students at the University. Run by AUSA and administered by the Queer Rights Officer, Queerspace is a combined social and study space.


UniQ is the University’s club for rainbow students, with a focus on regular social events. UniQ also advocate for queer students to the University. Their email address is uniq.auckland@gmail.com or visit the UniQ Facebook page.

AUSA Queer Rights Officer

The Queer Rights Officer (QRO) is an executive role in the AUSA. Each year a student is elected by student union members. Their responsibility id to support, represent and advocate on behalf of queer students both to the University, and to AUSA. They also look after Queerspace.
Email qro@ausa.org.nz or visit the AUSA Queer Rights Officer Facebook page.

LGBTQIATakatapui+ student and staff network

The LGBTQIATakatapui+ student and staff network meets throughout the year to discuss issues and activities at the university pertinent to the Rainbow community, exchange information, and provide a voice for LGBTQIATakatapui+ students and staff. The network welcomes newcomers. Please email equity@auckland.ac.nz if you are interested in attending a network meeting.

Connect with your Faculty Rainbow group

A number of Faculties at the University have social and academic communities for Rainbow staff and students.

If you do not see your Faculty represented in the list above, try finding the Rainbow contact for your Faculty.

Information for transgender students

Trans On Campus

Trans On Campus is a support network, social group and advocacy group for gender diverse students and staff. Email transoncampus@auckland.ac.nz

Changing your name at the University

Financial assistance can be granted by the University to reimburse the costs associated with one legal name change. See the guidelines for the University of Auckland support for trans and gender diverse students’ legal name change for more information about eligibility and what costs are able to be reimbursed.

Gender-neutral toilets on campus

The number of unisex toilets on campus is of interest to the Equity Office, who are working together with Property Services to increase these facilities. Transgender and gender diverse people are welcome to use the toilets of their choice. Information about gender-neutral toilets at the City Campus is updated as work continues.

Gender transitioning at work guidelines

Staff at the University are not required to disclose their gender identity, however to assist staff members who are transitioning, and their team members, gender transitioning at work guidelines have been developed by the University.

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