International students

If you are an international student, you can access a wide range of support to ensure you have a successful learning experience.

Services for international students

International Office

The team of specialised international support staff  from the International Office will support you throughout your enrolment at the University of Auckland with your academic and personal needs. 

To get the best start to your time at the University, you can participate in an orientation event for international students. If you have questions relating to international students at the University, contact the International Office.

English Language Enrichment (ELE)

ELE provides an online and on campus service for all students to develop their English language and academic literacy skills. You can receive advice about your English or academic literacy, access online language resources, and participate language learning groups and language workshops.

DELNA – Diagnostic Language Needs Assessment

DELNA is a free check of your academic English language skills.  Your results will not exclude you from courses you are already enrolled in and will not appear on your official academic record.

Inclusive Learning

Inclusive Learning provides academic development support and recommend special exam conditions for students with specific learning and/or other invisible disabilities. This service can also screen for specific learning impairments such as dyslexia or an attention deficit disorder. 

Career Development and Employability Services (CDES)

CDES provides specialised services for international students. You can receive employability advice, information about working in New Zealand and knowledge about what employers are looking for. 

Libraries and Learning Services

Libraries and Learning Services provides help in person or online to all international students.  Students based overseas can request a chapter or article from the library collections.  Any student with a general question about library services can use the Ask Us form.

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