Planning your assignments

Learn about the process to produce a good assignment.

What is the process of writing an assignment?

Creating a good piece of writing takes time and it often involves false starts and trial and error. To produce a high-quality text, good academic writers often follow a well-planned and systematic writing process.

Until you develop your own method of writing your assignments, you may find this seven-stage writing process helpful.

The assignment writing process

Steps to successful writing: Analyse, research, plan, write, revise, submit and feedback.

  • Analyse
    Before you start doing research, analyse the assignment question. This will help you clarify what is required, identify the topic and focus of the assignment, and generate questions to guide your research.
  • Research
    Once you have determined the task and topic, jot down some relevant questions to help you focus your research.
  • Plan
    Create an outline before you start writing. Having a plan can help you structure your assignment and develop your ideas logically. It can also help you break down the task into manageable chunks.
  • Write
    Once you have your plan you can start developing your ideas into proper paragraphs. Your writing does not need to be perfect at this stage.
  • Revise
    Read over and revise your draft several times.  If possible, put your final draft aside for a day or two and then revise it carefully. Check the instructions again and ask yourself: Have I answered the question? Are my ideas logically and clearly developed?
  • Submit
    Check how and when to submit your assignment to avoid last-minute panic. Before you hit the submit button, make sure your assignment is correctly formatted and referenced.
  • Feedback
    Your marker will often comment on the strengths and weaknesses of your assignment. Make sure you read this feedback so you can develop your skills for future assignments and improve your marks.
Writing is an iterative process rather than a series of linear steps. You will likely go through some of the stages several times. You may need to re-read your notes, consult new material, adjust your plan as you begin writing, and revise your draft multiple times. Going through this revision process will help you produce better assignments and increase your confidence as a writer.

Additional resources

The following resources provide additional information about strategies and tools you can use during each phase of the writing process.

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